Artisan - A highly underrated word

Artisan - A highly underrated word

Artisan ...craftsman ...artist ...a skilled labor in an art which is made purely by hand. 

The definition itself sounds quite grand ...isn't it? Well the status of these blessed artists is anything but grand. 

They are struggling everyday to make their ends meet, working from morning to night , straining their eyes and hands.

The income is negligible and usually it is difficult for them to sustain. Hence , they switch over to other high earning jobs.

If the vicious cycle continues , in the span of 15 to 20 years , India will no longer be known for its rich cultural heritage but only for machine churned products.

I am blessed to be born in such a diverse and culturally rich state. We will do our best to support the artisans making authentic rajasthani goods and bring them to the eyes of the world to make them reach and realize their worth and potential.

We have introduced many items such as handmade toys , handpainted boxes , gota patti and handmade folders ! We are coming up with many more..

Help us in our tiny try to make someone happier!!

Thank you

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